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You have an idea, you know how to realize it but not how to carry out the whole communication and brand part. You know that this part is as important as your idea because if you don’t communicate well or give a bad image of yourself, you are doomed to fail. The best thing is to be supported by a communication expert who can directly implement everything you need, from the name to the logo to the website and videos for social and web promotion.

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Let's talk to each other in person or via web, explain your idea (which, of course, will remain confidential) and let's see together what you need.


We know that you often start without a big budget and you have to keep costs down. We offer you the best possible value for money without compromising quality.

At work

Let's spend the next few weeks and/or months together and realize everything you need to communicate your idea, from the logo to the site to the promo.

Money, money, money

Instead of hiring staff, buying the hardware and software needed to make them work, having a larger office, you can recruit a time expert. We can therefore help you to carry out your project within a certain time frame and a well-defined budget which, for a limited investment, guarantees you a high level result.

Recruit a time expert who will work side by side with you until your project launches

We realize together day after day, working in the same office (or online if you are not in Lugano), everything you need to develop your project. Each realized element is a lump sum within the time plan that is agreed upon. Here is what our expert in design and communication can do for you, talk to him and evaluate a work plan together:


Together we find the most suitable name that can be registered and purchased as an internet domain.

Logo and brand

The logo, colours and typefaces are important elements to make a good impression and remain memorable.


Let's write your texts. We all have a limited attention span so your message must be short and fast.

Website and/or app

We can make both according to your needs by taking care of everything from text to images, graphics and video. 


The videos to publish on your website and YouTube are a necessary part to explain your project as well as the images.


The use of social networks and Google ensures that you get to your audience quickly and with modest investment.


Yoori by Brignole is a Swiss company with registered and operational headquarters in Lugano, Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland. The manager is Claudio Brignole, the founder of the company with over 25 years of experience in marketing, video, web, design, journalism and copywriting.

Each project is different and therefore the time needed to cover all the needs varies a lot so it is difficult to make an estimate considering that we apply a scale of discounts based on the total time.

Our formula includes that our expert works in the same physical space with your team to develop the project by bringing his experience and advice to get straight to the goal. Then you will be physically in the same office 1 to 4 days a week and you can interact.In case you are not in the Lugano area or you want to maintain social distance, we can work remotely.

Our expert can work physically with you in the same office in the Lugano area from 1 to 4 days a week depending on your needs. It is also possible to carry out certain projects that do not require continuous interaction such as the creation of a brand identity or a website in separate times and workstations.

Absolutely, the entire implementation process will remain confidential and the images and texts contained therein will not be disclosed until the launch of the project.

We work using Italian and English.

If you have not found the question you were looking for, please contact us using the form below or the chat.

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