It’s just a matter of time.

Start slowly and small. Build gradually and smart. The bigger the dream the more patient you need to be.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it

Yoori is a network of professionals offering quality online services in content creation, digital marketing, design, web, photo & video.


Services for startups, shops and small businesses. Graphic design, websites in WordPress, eCommerce, hosting, video, digital marketing and courses. Services included in simple packages with certain deadlines or you can recruit an expert to work side by side with you until your project is launched.

Hip Hop List

Hip Hop List is a site that has the aspiration to list all the activities within the Hip Hop as well as offering a marketplace where you can sell and / or buy products and services.

Skills to Pay the Bills

Skills to Pay the Bills contains interviews, articles, news and reviews created to inspire and train those who want to pursue their activity in the Hip Hop world.


Websites hosting, domain registration and WordPress-related services. Designed for creatives who hate technical complications. All simple and fast to be able to focus only on creation.

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